Ordering from STHL UK is a straightforward process…..

We will work with you from the very beginning to create your ideal kitchen. Using kitchen design software we can provide you with multiple designs in various styles to suit all budgets – ensuring that you’re 100% satisfied with your kitchen before spending a penny.

We will provide you with written quotations for each design, leaving you in control with total freedom to choose your perfect kitchen. Once you let us know you are happy to proceed with the order payment can be made either on St Helena or in the UK. We always include the cost of shipping the goods to St Helena – meaning you don’t have to worry about calculating the cost of freight, but as we don’t currently have premises on the island you will be responsible for clearing and paying for any customs duties once the kitchen arrives.

We take extra care to ensure that all items are suitably packaged for the long journey to the island and we will arrange for everything to be delivered to Jamestown, keeping you updated on the progress the whole way.