Wilton Woodgrain White

Wilton Woodgrain – White (Paintable Door)

The perfect kitchen design when you want to totally customise it. The doors can be hand or spray painted [service not provided by STHL UK] in the colour of your choice, so you can complement the best quality materials and the clever design with the paint colour of your choosing. Or, if you prefer, the door can be left just as it is, white.

Wilton Woodgrain White Paintable Door

Wilton Woodgrain White Paintable Kitchen

We’re always working hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible, whilst at the same time delivering quality products to all of our customers. Brand new to STHL UK for 2016, we have introduced 16 higher specification kitchens that will add that little extra luxury to our existing range.

With many more units available than previously and a whole host of accessories to match you’ll be spoilt for choice. That’s because, unlike the existing range, everything is packaged separately by the manufacturer, meaning that many more door combinations can fit within the same cabinet / carcass.

We’ve also looked to bring the latest manufacturing techniques to our offering, making assembly of the units up to 5 times faster than standard cam & dowel construction units. See here for more information.